FULL board includes:

• Exclusive use of a dedicated stall
• Daily stall picking
• Wood shavings bedding
• Separated for grain/supplements/meds feeding twice a day
• Hay during those months when grass may be inefficiently replenishing
• Unlimited water access
• Turn in or out twice a day
• Unlimited access to all facilities
• Blanketing (on or off) 6 times per calendar month

Only pay for
what you use

Beyond the basic contract agreement, you are not required to purchase services you may not use. That is how we keep the costs as low as possible. But each horse is unique and may have special needs. For minimal additional fees, we can customize a package that best serves you and your horse’s needs.


• Unlimited blanketing
• Dry lot rather than field
• 100% Stall Kept due to illness or injury
• Medical care such as: hoof soaking, wraps, wound cleaning and treatments
• Handling for farrier and vet
• Feed preparation beyond basic  
• Supplement or medication preparation and/or administering
• Worming 
• Supplies or feed purchases 
• Grooming
• Washing
• Hoof picking
• Horse trailer storage

Some services may also be available by the hour.

our home is your home

make it your own

Each safety oriented stall is unique: some with removable walls, walk-through doors, double entrances or located away from the action.

Each stall has a window so no one misses any action. Many of the walls can be customized to be able to look through to buddies while safely separated.

Each stall has a hay and feed bin and ample clean water. All stalls are rubber matted with yellow pine wood shaved bedding.

Stalls are cleaned daily - multiple times a day if a horse is kept in for any reason.