Snapps Creek Stables

“We really enjoy having the stables because we love horses and the people who love horses.”


Snapps Creek Stables is the perfect alternative to the large, busy, overpopulated, drama-laden, expensive and restrictive environments of the high-end stables. We have no walls of ribbons or trophies, no horses of prestigious bloodlines, and no haughty attitudes. Consequently, you do not invariably help subsidize such activities.

No lengthy-stay restrictive contracts. We prorate by the day. Come anytime of the month. You are only charged by the date of arrival and departure. We simply ask for a 30-day notice of departure.

There are potential opportunities to offset board fees by getting involved.


Each horse is so unique and treated so at SCS. Each individual’s care is based on their unique personalities, emotions, habits, nutritional needs and comforts. Our goal is to create an environment where both horse and owner are comfortable, happy, safe and healthy.

Our specialty is the care of your horse. Retirement and special needs horses are  welcome.

Whether your horse is an accomplished competitor, your trusted pleasure rider or an older fella looking for a loving home to live out his years, Snapps Creek Stables is the place to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


We have no dress codes (helmets and heals are encouraged). We do have comfortable facilities, a friendly atmosphere, and a commitment to quality care of your loved one in a nurturing, informal environment.

Although we are not competitive, does not mean that you can't be. We have all the facilities needed to fulfill your training needs with a large arena, round pen, jumps, barrels and even a storage area for your trailer.

Secure and Private

The owner lives/works on the premises and the facility has a security system inside and out.

We don't break horses, breed, sell, offer touristy trail rides by the hour or accept stallions.


Snapps Creek Stables is conveniently located just north/west of Harrisonburg in the beautiful countryside near Singers Glen, VA. 'Want to bring your buddy to college but are not into the collegiate riding scene? Snapps Creek Stables is approximately 10 minutes from Eastern Mennonite University, 20 minutes from James Madison University and a scenic country cut-across road makes a pleasant commute from Bridgewater College a mere 25 minutes.


Snapps Creek Stables

5679 Snapps Creek RD, Singers Glen, VA 22850

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Snapps Creek is an awesome facility. Not only is it beautiful, but Trudy and her family are some of the nicest people out there. They care for their boarders as if they were their own horses and are truly a joy to be around. If you're looking for a laid back and fun place to board your horse Snapps Creek is the place for you!!

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Oh, But there is so much more!

Please come for a visit!

Emotional needs are as important as physical needs. Our horses are fielded by personality not rules.*

Soft breezes fill the valley.*

SCS is a very relaxing place to be.*

Our fields are not overgrazed so are blessed with green grass in the summer and hay in the winter (right from the property.)*

Lazy days of summer.*

Yes, SCS really is at the end of the rainbow.*

Winter brings a quiet calm.*

Southern quaintness abounds.*

Yes, another amazing photo by Shawnna at the stables.*

The inspiration for the stables, my two great kids, in the just as good old days.

* Images taken by Shawnna Miller