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SCS Riding Program Owner

Horse Leasing

At times, we have horses for lease at SCS. Please contact us for details and availability.

other services 

Trailer storage
medical care
vet and farrier appointments

board fees

Every lesson that your horse performs helps maintain his/her strength, agility, training, and even generates board credit. Contact Eva Wheelbarger (avidtransport@gmail.com or 540-478-2066) to address what your horse can offer The SCS Riding Program and what The Program can offer your horse.

become part of the team while  Reducing  board fees even more!

Do you like working outdoors?
Are you not afraid to get dirty, even muddy at times?
Do you find a gym membership silly when you could be shoveling poo and pushing a wheelbarrow around?
Do you feel the power of moving 1200 lbs using only a lead line?
When those non-horse owners ask why you would do such work, only to help offset
your horse’s board, do you simply say “cause I love it!” and shoot them back
a squinty-eyed why-would-you

-ask-such-a-stupid-question look?
SCS may be the place for you and your horse.


We are committed to quality care of your loved one in a nurturing, informal environment. Our specialty is the care of your horse. Special needs and retirement horses welcome.

Opportunity For INSTRUCTOR(s)

We have a rare opportunity for the right person(s) to run their own lesson program.   Please reach out for details.     

Get involved!

We have so much to offer

Provide a service or receive a service. Additional service is available by the month or as needed.

Everyone benefits from our cooperative environment.

Don't own a horse? Consider leasing one leaving the complexities of ownership to SCS.

Let us simplify horse ownership so you can focus on enjoying your time with your horse.